Useful Jenkins

Useful Jenkins is a unique band in the jam world. Full of the traditional melodies and harmonies that would catch the ear of a String Cheese Incident or Phish fan, Useful Jenkins does more than just get people to bust out the hula hoops and the hacky sacks. Their music is danceable and capable of going off into a jam tangent at the snap of a finger mixing in horns and funk with more traditional bluegrass sounds and even some less than traditional. However, they are also driven to make you think about bigger picture issues in a way that many bands of their genre don’t.

Useful Jenkins is returning to 80/35 this year after spending much of the past two years touring and writing. Minnesota natives, the band has been pounding the Midwest pavement and successful trips into the very jam-friendly Colorado. With the didgeridoo inclined Xavier Rudd on the bill, the jam portion of this year’s 80/35 has gotten decidedly more Outback.

– Written by Dave Murphy

Performing Saturday, July 5 at 3:45 p.m. on the Kum & Go Stage

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